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What are the matters needing attention in the manufacture of steel structures?
Time:2019-07-10 Source:Tisco Hits:

  At present, steel structure manufacturing has been widely used in plant construction. The main components of the steel structure building are welded H-shaped steel columns, beams and supports. These components have welding deformation problems during the manufacturing process. If the welding deformation is not corrected, it will not only affect the overall installation of the structure, but also reduce the safety and reliability of the project.

  The correction methods commonly used in the production process mainly include mechanical correction, flame correction and comprehensive correction. However, flame correction is a difficult operation. The mastery of the method and improper temperature control will cause new deformation of the component. Therefore, flame correction requires a wealth of practical experience. The stress caused by flame correction is the same internal stress as the internal stress of the weld. The internal stress generated by improper correction and the internal stress and load stress of the welding superimpose, the longitudinal stress of the column, the beam and the bracing exceeds the allowable stress, resulting in a reduction of the bearing safety factor. Therefore, we must be cautious in the manufacture of steel structures, try to use reasonable process measures to reduce deformation, and try to use mechanical correction when correcting.

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