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What kind of corrosion resistance does the 304 stainless steel plate have?
Time:2019-07-10 Source:Tisco Hits:

  The 304 stainless steel plate is a commercially available and very popular stainless steel material with excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. The anti-rust performance is stronger than that of the 200 series, and the high temperature resistance can reach 1000-1200 degrees.

  304 stainless steel plate products have strong corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance to common alkali solutions and organic and inorganic acids. It is a high alloy steel that resists corrosion in air or chemically corrosive media. Stainless steel has an aesthetically pleasing surface and good corrosion resistance. It does not require surface treatments such as electroplating to impart full surface properties to stainless steel. One aspect of steel, commonly referred to as stainless steel.

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